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Website Landing Page Video

A Website landing page video is an essential element of any business’s website. Here’s how you create winning SEO-friendly video content.

What Is a Website Landing Page Video?

A landing page video appears on a company’s website — specifically on the homepage, where it could begin playing when visitors arrive at the site. There’s lots of different ways to present your landing page video, but at its heart, it usually needs to do at least these five things:

  • Introduce the company
  • Share the mission statement
  • Introduce your team
  • Demonstrate value
  • Provide a strong Call-to-Action
A Website Landing Page Video can be a multi-purpose investment, it can really help a website in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO), but it can also be used for sharing on social media or broadcasting at shows or exhibitions.

Shooting a Website Landing Page Video

Once you have your script, props and locations in order, you should plan at least one full day of filming. A good project will combine interviews with 3-5 key business representatives, a good deal of the business at work. Elements such as graphics, titles, graphs, distribution maps and of course your branding will be added at the video editing stage which can give a huge boost to the your overall narrative.

For the interviews, try to find start with the Who, What, Where, Why of the business. The business owner can give a quick history or overview, or you can present text questions on screen that representatives all answer. A professional video editor will make sure that any pauses or “ums” or taken out to make the video sound professional, so don’t worry about giving a Hollywood performance!

Optimising a Website Landing Page Video

A landing page video will help any company’s website and overall search engine ranking. To increase your video’s optimisation, be sure to keep file names, metadata and tags are uniform throughout your upload, and hosting process.

A YouTube or Vimeo page is ideal for hosting your video and link back to the website (and vice versa). This is also a great way to share new media as part of an ongoing video marketing campaign. You may be surprised to learn that YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine after Google, offering another opportunity for your investment.

Video is taking content marketing by storm, accounting for 69% of all consumer internet traffic – people really do love watching video to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. Video is naturally engaging and, in an age of information overload, it’s vital for businesses to offer content that is easy to digest.

Editing room have helped lots of businesses, large and small, connect with their customers through Video Marketing. Following are some of types of videos we have edited and helped our clients broadcast to the world:

Corporate Videos | Branding Videos | Promo Videos | Trade show Videos | Instructional Videos
Product Explainer Videos | Web Videos | Social Media videos | Training Videos

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