Tips for shooting video with a drone

Tips for shooting video with a drone

No other video shooting method can capture a scene in such an epic fashion as a soaring quadcopter, in turn, making aerial videos instantly popular on YouTube and Facebook. That being said, just sticking a camera drone air isn’t enough to get great aerial footage.

There are a lot of elements that go into shooting video with a drone and you may not realise that your shoot fell short until you or your editor watches it back. So the next time you’re taking your camera drone out to shoot some video, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind.


There’s a lot to consider when planning a drone shoot. The weather and time of day is a huge factor that can something make or break your video.

Most photographers and videographers like to shoot only during the ‘Golden Hour’ or after sunrise and just before sunset when the sun provides a warm and colourful light.

Don’t let the day of the shoot be the first time you visit the location. Scope it out ahead of time and know what obstacles and limitations you might run into. You can help yourself by creating a flight plan, the more detailed and thought out your plan is, the fewer headaches you’ll have when it’s time to roll the camera.

Go nuts

If there’s one thing an editor likes to get and that’s options. You always get the best results from using a good variety of angles and perspectives. Therefore, it’s better to get too many shots than not enough. Your video editor can toss out footage no problem!

Our advice is to go nuts! Get every single shot you can think of and worry about what works and what doesn’t later.

Capture the geography

Getting all the angles is important, but don’t let your viewers get totally lost. You want to establish your location with wide shots so they can understand where they are before diving in with your crazy acrobatic shots.

Part of the editing process is to create smooth transitions between changes in scene or perspective, as opposed to jumping all over the place and potentially disorienting your audience. For this reason, the simple the footage the better, this way the editor can produce something easy to follow and digest.

Don’t get stuck in the clouds

We adore aerial footage, but that doesn’t mean it should make up your entire video. A good mix of shots closer to the ground or even shots taken by a conventional camera on the ground can make your footage from above all the more awe-inspiring – you don’t want to bore your audience with the same framing or perspective for to long. By alternating shots from the sky with more humble shots closer to the ground, you can bring back the wow factor again and again.

We like to equate video editing with cooking. A fine chef might not know how to farm, but he knows a good vegetable when he sees one, just like we know great footage when we see it.

Hopefully these tips will help you to shoot great video with a drone and will delight your editor the same way a perfect potato would delight a chef.

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