Publishing and promoting your Marketing Video

Publishing and promoting your Marketing Video

You want as many people in your target audience as possible to see your marketing video. Even more importantly, you’ll want them to act once they’ve seen it — ideally by buying your product or service. Reaching the right audience with your video requires skilfully applying a combination of specific techniques and promotional channels.

Follow these steps to publishing and promoting your marketing video to get it in front of your target audience:

Publish your video on YouTube

YouTube is not only the largest video-sharing platform by far, it’s also the second-largest search engine in the world. It reaches more people than any other video site across all demographic groups, so you need to put your videos on it.

Post your video on your website

A video is one of your most attractive marketing assets, so you should use it very prominently on your website. Use multiple videos to enrich the different sections of your site, such as product pages, news items, or educational content.

Use social media to reach more people

Use your Facebook and Twitter channels to promote your video. This not only will get you more video views, it will also make your social media outlets more attractive because people like video content.

Publishing and promoting your Marketing Video

Engage with the online community

If your audience like your video, you will get reactions. Make sure to join the conversation on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. People love a company that’s approachable and responsive.

Optimise your video for search engines

A lot of traffic to marketing videos comes from search engines. Make sure your videos have titles, descriptions and tags, enabling your target audience to find them easily.

Consider a paid ad campaign (Pay Per Click)

YouTube and other ad providers make very it easy to target your exact audience — if you’re willing to pay to get it. With a relatively modest ad budget, you can achieve thousands of views from the right people.


Make sure to frequently check your video’s success by looking at the analytics that YouTube and other hosting services provide. Specialised video marketing software tools can save you a lot of time doing this.

Improve constantly

Set some time aside at regular intervals to analyse your feedback and numbers. Then decide what you need to do to improve your video marketing results. Consider your options – try alternative content or enhance your sales messages with clearer calls-to-action.


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