Editing your Marketing Video

Editing a marketing video (or any video) is much more than just cutting out the unwanted scenes. The editing process is as important in telling a story and getting your message across as writing the script.

Take the following steps to edit an effective marketing video:

Organise your footage

Import all your footage to your computer and organise your clips into folders, grouping all the clips that belong together. Then watch all your footage and take extensive notes. Make sure to discard clips that are clearly unusable and to mark the very best clips.

Revisit your script

Go back to your original script and check to see if you have all the footage you need to convey your story.

Collect additional material

Your video might include photos, graphics, and sound effects. Collect all these additional assets and prepare them for editing.

Make a rough cut

Assemble your footage in sequence to create a first-draft version of your video. To do this, go through your script, find the best clips for each scene and put them on your editing program’s timeline in the right order.

Editing your Marketing Video
Start refining

Go through your video several times and make improvements to the timing of your edit by cutting your clips more tightly or rearranging the order of clips. Be patient – finding the right rhythm for a video is a process that takes a few iterations, especially when editing to music.

Polish your edit

Once your video’s timing is solid, add transitions to make scene changes more visually appealing. Fill gaps with b-roll footage (still photographs or titles can good for this). Use colour correction or colour grading software to give your footage more appeal.

Add bells and whistles

Add music, sound effects or a voiceover if needed. Append titles to the beginning and end of your video. If you need more complicated visual effects, make it your last job when your edit is perfect – this will save you a lot of time in having to adapt effects if your footage changes.

Get feedback

Make sure to get feedback before you release your video. You will be surprised by what other people see in it. The most useful feedback comes from people who are as close to your target audience as possible. Don’t go mad, to many cooks can wreck a perfectly good marketing video!

Shameless plug

Video editing is a time-consuming process requiring experience and technical skill. If you don’t want to spend the time yourself, you can always use a professional video editing company who will edit your video footage for you and prepare your marketing video for publishing.


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